Sunday, January 13, 2008

Baby Onesies

You can buy this shirt here!!!!

My brother in law and sister in law are having a baby in June. I am VERY excited for my 1st niece/nephew to enter the world. Since I'm no good at quilting or knitting, I've decided to design and print custom baby onesies. I have a ton of ideas, some original, some not so much. Anyway, here is the first design I've finished.

I took the sketch of George Bush I drew for The Sketchbook Project (see post on 10/23/07) and placed it into a blank document. I applied a live trace, changing the threshold until I was happy. In a separate layer I created the text. I also placed a picture of a crumbled sheet of paper that I found online. I applied a live trace to the paper and placed it in front of the text. I copied the text and pasted in front. Then, selecting the pasted text and the paper, I made a clipping mask.

The 2nd onesie was just text that I filled green and then applied the woodcut appearance under the graphic styles --> text menu.

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