Tuesday, April 07, 2009

tattoo design

My friend Kim asked me to design a tattoo for her. She really wanted her kids initials (J & A) using an elvish font. She was hoping to incorporate their birth dates as well (10/2 & 10/7). She wasn't sure how to bring all of this together, so that's when she called me in. Since she is a big Lord of the Rings fan I decided to incorporate a design from the movie. When I saw the White Tree of Gondor, I thought that would work well with the initials:

This is my initial marker sketch.

This is the cleaned up vector image.


Echilion said...

I have Elven numbers and theres a site
for Elven script (Feanorian)

Echilion said...

I can help with numbers Seeing I am getting 2010 in elven script in a few weeks.

Echilion said...

Yeah I can help I know where Elven numbers are and Scripts !